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Roseate Medicare is a research oriented healthcare provider that provides products to a large number of world-class health & wellness organizations. Founded less than a decade ago, Roseate has created a niche for itself and is currently delivering over 100 nutraceutical products for over 200 clients in India and abroad. With our strong team of chemists and researchers, we have developed tablet, capsule, syrup, and powder formulations that provide an edge to our clients in the ever competitive pharmaceutical landscape. Committed to delivering quality products, we take USFDA RDA norms as a basis for formulation development. 

Protein Manufacturing
One of our biggest strength in nutraceuticals is protein manufacturing. We boast a strong team of researchers that are bound to answer all your queries about protein. Our current offering includes Soya and Milk Protein (including both domestic and imported whey protein). Our packaging ranges from 200 gram to 2 kg. Currently, our clients sell protein on various online stores like, and, etc.

Our offering includes various combinations of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, and other naturally or synthetically occurring extracts. In addition to our existing product list, we also help develop new formulations as per your needs.

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