Intermediate Manufacturing

Sourcing quality intermediates has been a problem in the recent past. Roseate Medicare hence decided to solve the problem by developing its own range of intermediates. Patients deserve the best, and Roseate Medicare strives to deliver the best. With the help of our expert team, we have developed a range of coating material for tablets, and a range of pellets for capsules.
Pellets Manufacturing:

Through combined efforts of the QC, QA, and the Production team, we are currently 
manufacturing the following salts in pellets form:

Pantoprazole 40 mg
Rabeprazole 20 mg
Domperidone 20 mg SR
Domperidone 10 mg IR
Pantoprazole + Domperidone 30 mg (20 mg as SR and 10 mg as IR)
Rabeprazole 20 mg + Domperidone 30 mg (20 mg as SR and 10 mg as IR)
Carbonyl Iron + Folic Acid + Zinc + Vitamin B 12 (Under Development)

Coating Material Manufacturing: 

With a team of experts with over 20 years of experience, we have developed a range of coating material keeping in mind the varied skill set in the coating operator community. It is an easy to use preparation that shows exemplary results in both auto and manual coaters. Currently, we are offering the following:

Real Coat FCP: Real Coat FCP is a non aqueous HPMC based film coating solution.
Real Coat FCA: Real Coat FCA is a aqueous film coating solution developed for cost effective coating (Under development).
Real Coat ECP: Real Coat ECP is a CAP based enteric coating solution. 
Real Coat MBS: Real Coat MBS is a coating solution for products requiring protection from moisture. This series is currently in development phase (Under development).

To get more information on our coating material material, click here: Real Coat Coating Solution

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