About Us

At Roseate Medicare we work to achieve a greater India through a healthier India. Our vision inspires us and motivates our work force to offer our clients the best post purchase experience in the industry. We pride ourselves in understanding the needs of the customers and patients and have hence developed a culture beneficial to each party involved.

Our manufacturing practices exemplify the best of the industry and our promise of quality products and customer service stands firm since the company’s inception. We are also proud to call ourselves a ‘One Stop Shop for all Oral Therapeutics.”

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Business Units

Drug Manufacturing

Roseate Medicare currently manufactures over 3500 brands for over 300 clients across India. We see ourselves as a 'One Stop Shop.'

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Nutraceutical Manufacturing

At Roseate Medicare we manufacture the highest quality food supplements. We have a team of formulation development experts that create nutraceutical formulations from scratch as per your requirement.

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Roseate Medicare boasts a state of the art laboratory with trained chemists from across the country. We pride ourselves in developing new formulations

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Sourcing quality intermediates has been a problem in the recent past. Roseate Medicare hence decided to solve the problem by developing its own range of intermediates.

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We Provide

High Quality Medicines

Some substandard drugs contain more active ingredient than stated and, for anti-infectives with narrow therapeutic ratios, this may increase the prevalence of adverse effects

Special Care for Customer Needs

Know your customers' needs. However good your product or service is, the simple truth is that no-one will buy it if they don't want it or believe they don't need it.

Quick Delivery and Great Prices

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Looking for Stable Clav Formulations?

We have a dedicated facility for clav manufacturing so we are making the best quality clav products.

Our Clients