Situated in the hills of Himachal Pradesh, Roseate Medicare is one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical companies in the state. Currently, we manufacture over 3500 brands for over 300 clients across India. We pride ourselves in being a ‘One Stop Shop’ with a promise of quality products and impeccable customer service. 

We currently have two state of the art manufacturing facilities in Solan, HP. Our current offering includes tablets, capsules, syrups/suspensions, dry suspensions, liquid injections, and protein powders. 

We expertise in beta lactum, cephalosporin, neuro psychiatry, general, and nutraceutical formulations. We have a designated line for manufacturing of Clavulanate or Clavulanic Acid products that caters to both domestic and export markets. We hence pride ourselves in manufacturing stable Clavulanic Acid products.  In addition to Clav, our protein manufacturing knowhow is of international acclaim. We are currently manufacturing whey protein and soya protein for both domestic and international clients. 

As a part of our growth strategy and to control quality in the manufacturing process, Roseate Medicare has started developing its own intermediates. We have introduced our own range of coating material for tablets. The coating material has been carefully developed keeping in mind the needs of the pharmaceutical industry. Besides coating material, we have also developed our own range of pellets. 

Finally, Roseate Medicare has a recognized formulation development team. We assist clients in developing new formulations from scratch, or reverse engineer existing formulations in India and abroad. 
    The Unit has already been audited and approved by MNC’s like Alkem Laboratories Ltd. and IND SWIFT, and Comed Chemicals Ltd., etc.

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